Health and Safety
Health and Safety

All our machines comply with essential health and safety requirements (Directive 2006/42/EC and Amendment), and are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current European standards and are therefore fully C E compliant.

Health and Safety policies can vary between companies and there may be a need for extra safety options to be included. We are always happy to discuss individual requirements with our customers, and can offer numerous additional extras such as warning lights, audible bleepers, safety gates, key switches etc.

Pedestrian access safety protection.
Safety gate and enclosed guarding.
Inverter Safety

All our inverters are fitted with basic steel mesh safety guarding (unless customers specifically ask to take care of this themselves). With the FS these guards are perfectly adequate attached to the machine, provided the controls are in a safe position away from the turning body. The operator should have a clear view of the action but be safely protected from the movement of the inverter.

These attached guards can also be fitted to the FS DC, and DD 1.25 though in many cases customers prefer to give these inverters a permanent home where they are surrounded by floor-fixed guarding. The entrance to the enclosure can be protected by multi-beam photo-electric guards linked to the machines' controls. If they are breached, the machine stops instantly. Some customers still prefer a gate at the entrance though Premier tend to recommend photo-beams; gates will slow down the operation, are prone to damage and do not have a better safety record.

Most inverters are sold with some form of hands-on control. Provided the operator is in permanent attendance at the machine, the guarding requirements are not over-stringent. However, when the controls are automatic, it is essential the machine is sited in a securely guarded area. Premier's inverters have an unblemished safety record which the company works tirelessly to maintain. Safety is covered extensively in the handbook we send out with every machine and our engineers are always happy to discuss this aspect of the installation in great detail. We recognise its importance.