Full Range of Premier Products
FS Pallet Inverter Image 1
Loads by forklift truck, ideal for all types of palletised load, Fast, simple and reliable.
working fsdc pallet inverter
Loads by pallet truck/FLT, Handles all conventional loads in all environments,Most versatile machine in range.
RR Type 1 Inverter
Usually loads by FLT or crane, Specifically for heavy/wide loads of steel/paper/board, Heavy duty applications only
RR Type 2 Pallet Inverter full and open
Loads flush to floor by pallet truck, To invert small stacks up to 1200 kgs especially paper Lightweight applications, simple hands-on operation
DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter tilted
Loads by pallet truck, stacker or FLT, Handles loads up to 1250 Kgs on standard pallets, Versatile machine for lightweight applications
90 Degree Tipper1
The 90° tipper for tipping paper reels, steel coils through 90°
G95 Pallet Inverter Tipping
The G95 inverter offers a basic alternative to the conventional 180° Inverters.
Working Pallet Changer
The Pallet Changer enables the operator to swap pallets from beneath the load.
V Changer
The V Changer is a new additon to our range
Clamp Changer
The Clamp Changer is the latest addition to our range.
Inline Pallet Inverter
Inline systems allow our machines to be added tot eh production line
Palletless Loading fully loaded working
By inverting the product 180 Deg, you can retain your own pallets in-house.
Palomat Pallet Dispenser
Palomat pallet dispenser allows for easy stacking and dispensing of your pallets
Standard controls
Here is our range of pallet inverter / tipper / dispenser control options
Close up of freezer spacer
Premier's slip-resistant freezer spacers cut energy costs and reduce freezer cycle times.